Agapi Xifilidou

MRICS, Member of the Valuation Team, Pointers Property Services S.A.; Member of Samaras Group of companies

Agapi Xifilidou is a Member of RICS (MRICS) and an Engineer of Urban-Regional Planning and Development of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH). She has two MSc diplomas on “Environmental Protection & Sustainable Development” of the School of Civil and Surveying Engineering - AUTH and on “Real Estate Investment and Finance” of the School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society - Herriot-Watt University. She is currently finishing her PhD on “The effect of urban and environmental regenerations to residential and commercial property values in Thessaloniki”.

She has worked in Vecostate S.A. on real estate valuations and management, as well as tender participations. She is currently a member of the valuation team in Pointers Property Services S.A., a member of Samaras Group of Companies. She is involved in real estate appraisal reports, real estate management, real estate development studies, technical due diligence, urban and regional studies and reports and is the company’s ISO and GDPR manager.

Apart from being a Member of RICS, Mrs Xifilidou is a member of the Hellenic Valuation Institute (H.V.I.), the Association of Greek Valuers (A.V.A.G.) and the Technical Chamber of Greece.

She knows two foreign languages, English and French. She is a member of the research group of AUTH “AVAMA – Analysis, Valuation and Management of Real Estate & Land". She has numerous publications in peer reviewed scientific journals, as well as international and national conferences and has more than 20 hetero-references in peer reviewed journals, books and international conferences. Additionally, she has participated in research programs and more than 40 seminars and workshops on issues related to real estate development, real estate market analysis, urban and regional planning and environmental issues. Lastly, she has co-taught courses of Real Estate Valuations in under-graduate and MSc level in AUTH and has been awarded a Scholarship of Excellence and the award of Best tutor in internship under NSPF programs for three times (tutor on real estate valuations and urban-regional planning issues).