Dimitrios Ekonomou

Deputy Minister, Regional Planning and Urban Development

Dimitrios Ekonomou is Professor Emeritus of the Department of Spatial and Urban Planning and Regional Development at the University of Thessaly.

He has been Head of the Research Unit of Urban and Spatial Planning, collaborator at the Center de Recherche d' Urbanisme (Paris), a Researcher at the National Center for Social Research and a representative of Greece to the UN Committee on Housing, Building and Planning.

He has carried out a great number of researches in the fields of urban, spatial, environmental and developmental research and planning. Moreover, he has written 5 books and a significant number of scientific articles published both in Greek and foreign scientific magazines. 

He has authored a large number of researches in the fields of urban planning, spatial planning, environmental and development planning, and has authored five books and a large number of scientific articles published in Greek and international scientific magazines. His research interests include international spatial planning systems analysis, integrated urban regeneration, and large investment and intervention planning processes.