Dimitris Andriopoulos

President & Managing Director
Dimand S.A., Greece

Born in 1961, Mr. Dimitris Andriopoulos has significant experience in the real estate, tourism, shipping and food industries. For more than 30 years he has been the head of major operations and projects in Greece and abroad for Intracom, Elliniki Technodomiki - Teb, Superfast Ferries and Mc Donald's.

Since 2005 Mr. Dimitris Andriopoulos is the main shareholder and Chief Executive Officer of Dimand SA, a premier real estate development company, with a leading role in Greece.  Dimand operates as a developer and project & construction management company focusing on city regeneration, offices, mixed-use developments, city hotels and student accommodation projects.  

Mr. Dimitris Andriopoulos has a leading role in the strategic planning of the company and along with his long-time business partners and company team members has completed real estate projects totaling over € 1.6 bn.

Mr. Dimitris Andriopoulos is also a regular conference speaker of the real estate industry sector and an amateur runner with more than 20 marathon runs in the last 10 years.