Maria Deda

Architect, Founder
Deda & Architects

Architect Maria Deda has collaborated with various architectural offices in Greece and abroad. She has received distinctions in architectural competitions, while projects of Deda & Architects, architectural office, which she’s founded in 2008, in Thessaloniki along with a group of architects, engineers and designers as well as with consultants from London, Canada and USA, have been presented to the press and several exhibitions. The Office is involved in creating a variety of concepts for the projects assigned to it, managing project design, design implementation and technical advisory services. Recent major projects in which the office is involved with: Paliouri Resort, American College IB, American’s Farm School High School - competition, Mediterranean Cosmos shopping mall, refurbishment of Macedonia Pallas Hotel, proposal for a skyscraper in Limassol, Cyprus , redevelopment of Ladopoulos industry in Patra etc. In all projects a new and dynamic approach is implemented, with vision and lots of love. 

Maria is a graduate of the American College Anatolia, in Thessaloniki. She studied Architecture at Ecole Special D'architecture E.S.A. in Paris.