Spyros Tsagkaratos

Architect D.E.S.A. Ph.d. Urban Planner President & Managing Director of AS.P.A. S.A.

Architect and Urban Planner from Ecole Speciale Architecture (Paris), a Maitrise (City Planning) from the University of Paris VIII, a Master’s Degree in Regional Development, Physical Planning, Programming and City Planning and a Ph.D in Physical Planning, Design And City Planning from the Conservatoire National Des Arts et Metiers (CNAM).

President & Managing Director of AS.P.A. S.A., with more than 35 years of experience working on the architectural design and urban development of major urban infrastructure projects as well as real estate sector.  

During his professional career he has taken part in Architectural Studies, City planning and Physical Planning studies, Urban Plan’s general revision and modification studies, Urban planning studies for the integration of areas in the Adopted Plan, Reformation and Land use studies for the wider public sector and Local Authorities. He has vast experience in private development, Technical & Economic studies and real estate investment evaluation and exploitation.