Theodoros Karaoglou

Deputy Minister of Interior (Macedonia & Thrace)
Hellenic Republic

Theodoros Karaoglou was born in Zagliveri Thessaloniki in 1960. He is married to economist Panagiota Mantanika and has a son and a daughter. His is an economist, employee of the Civil Tax Service by profession. He has studied Business Administration at the Graduate School of Industrial Studies in Thessaloniki and speaks English.

Parliamentary activities:

• Deputy Minister of Interior (Sector of Macedonia and Thrace) (July 2019)

• Elected MP (ND) for Thessaloniki B’ Region in the general elections of 2004, 2007, 2009, 2012 (May and June), 2015 (January and September) and 2019

• Appointed Deputy Head of Labour and Social Security of ND (December 2016-June 2019)

• Appointed Head of Macedonia and Thrace of ND (January 2016)

• President of the Greece-South Korea Parliamentary Friendship Group. Member of the Greece-Canada and Greece-Croatia Parliamentary Friendship Groups

• Member of the Hellenic Parliament’s Delegation of the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU)

• Minister of Macedonia and Thrace (2012-2014)

• Appointed Head of Macedonia and Thrace of ND (2012)

• Appointed Alternate Head of Labor, Social Security and Providence of ND (2011)

• Appointed Alternate Head of Economic Policy of ND (2010)

Political activities:

• Member of ONNED (the ND youth organization) since 1974

• Elected member of the prefecture committee of ONNED in Thessaloniki (1979-1983)

• Elected President of the Community of Zagliveri in 1986 and 1990

• Elected member of the Council Board of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki in 1994, 1998 and in 2002